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Client Testimonials

Happy & Satisfied Clients

"I haven't even completed the 6 month program yet. My irritable bowel symptoms have been resolved, I've lost 25lbs (190 down to 165), and I feel better than I have probably my whole life. Andrew's positive energy, passion, and encouragement is the best I've ever had in a coach. I've recommended him to friends and family - and I recommend him to YOU. Whatever your goals are he can certainly help you get there."

Chris McNees

"Andrew is a wonderful dietician. Who individualizes each person's plan according to individual needs. He has helped so many people get their life back on track. Now join me, and become a happier, healthier you!"

Shelly Cundiff

"Andrew's knowledge of the human body helped me revolutionize my physique into something that I never imagined possible. What you get out of his programs go beyond the gym, it is something that you take with you for the rest of your life."

Peyton Wheat

"I won’t brag and go on and on about how my coach is the best in the field, (which he actually is) but check him out and see for your self, this is what can happen when you dedicate your time to being your best you can be."

Jacob Hunt

"Fantastic environment. Super motivated to help you reach your goals. Not just short term but full on life long progress."

Marvin Ford

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

"Joining WymanWay was the best thing I could have done for my athletic career. Andrew has dedicated his time to help me become a next level athlete. Many have taken notice. The man really cares about his clients, more than any dietitian should and that’s why I believe he is truly one of the best."

Lander Wheat


Kate Panak

"Just a little side-by-side comparison to remind us how far we have come since we started working with Andrew Wyman! The first photo is from Christmas 2020 and the second is from last night!"

We both kind of folded into ourselves and our vices (lots of drinking and snacking) during the pandemic. Our habits became unhealthy. Thankfully, with Andrew's help, we have been able to redefine what healthy means in our house and we're so proud!"

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