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Sir Brian K.

"Amazing, precise, nutritional, journey; not only with building the body but all aspects that support the body! My journey with Andrew transformed myself from what I thought was good, to the best and now still getting better! His process from the start was calculated and purposeful to my needs. His knowledge about good health, nutrition, mind training, and weight training, surpasses that of any previous fitness trainer that I have ever had. The WymanWay should be your way to good health!"

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Kate Panak

"Just a little side-by-side comparison to remind us how far we have come since we started working with Andrew Wyman! The first photo is from Christmas 2020 and the second is from last night!"

We both kind of folded into ourselves and our vices (lots of drinking and snacking) during the pandemic. Our habits became unhealthy. Thankfully, with Andrew's help, we have been able to redefine what healthy means in our house and we're so proud!"

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