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The WYMANWAY FOUNDATION partners with Dimensional Wellness Center to bring you the latest and greatest innovative ways to help you maintain a stable weight and address any underlying health conditions.

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Danni Hamilton, NMD 

Danni Hamilton, NMD 
Dr. Hamilton is a holistic doctor with a focus in gut, hormonal, and mental health. She is an expert in functional lab testing which helps address the root cause of health concerns. 
Without whole body healing, it can be difficult to reach weight goals!

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The only way to obtain long term stable health is by building the foundation that gives back for generations to come. Building a relationship with a local farmer with HIGH standards, next level ethical practices and doing things the regenerative way, is the only way forward. Here at WYMANWAY health and wellness quality matters. At One Man Ranch that quality meets our standards. We are truly grateful to be able to bring quality such as this right to your doorstep. WYMANWAY is proud to partner with One Man Cattle Ranch LLC to make that possible. Loved, Pasture raised, 100% grass-fed and finished all the way through products. Check out the cattle ranch today at

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