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Food is not just food, it is actual information telling your body what to do. It is the only multifaceted thing on the face of this universe that directly determines how we feel, how we think, how we perform, determines our brain size and function, determines weight gain, weight loss, nero-transmitters, regulates hour metabolism, and our hormones. You name it and food does it to us. It promotes metabolic health or encourages sickness and disease. It makes up almost all of our genetic makeup.

Symptoms are just our body‘s way of telling us that. As humans, we tend to eat when we’re bored, eat when we’re stressed, eat at social gatherings, eat during work, and all-around just eat. When we do that, how can expect to not gain weight or get sick? Especially with how extremely hard it is to understand what food actually is. Let alone how it was processed, and how we prepare our food.

It all matters in the game of life in regard to one's health and longevity. And sustainability is the goal. To do what you love for as long as humanly possible. With my uniquely intuitive learning methods, I will teach you the process of restoring one's metabolic health, along with the best foods possible to help accomplish this, and much much more. My favorite part of all this? My specialty! Resistance training. We must understand that lean muscle promotes health. Growing muscle prevents osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones) and leaves you less susceptible to injury (short and long term). It helps strengthen our innate immune system. Staying lean and losing weight is easy with the right foods (WymanWay) but to build and maintain just a little muscle is hard work to maintain and keep but promotes so many benefits for cardiovascular health and all-around metabolic health if done appropriately. Immunology deals with both the normal and abnormal functioning of the immune system depending on environmental immunology factors. The immune system is the body's defense against disease. Also, known as the body's defense system. For example, your immune system is what fights off a cold or flu. Immunology study's how the immune system works, how environmental factors influence its functioning, how and why immune system disorders develop, and how to treat these ailments.

Combine all this into one specific program built around you. Just watch yourself elevate. The great part about today’s modern technology is, whether you are here today or there tomorrow, having that uniquely personal connection is always one session away. Life is only as good as you make it, and with WymanWay program it will be an unforgettable journey. WYMANWAY HEALTH & WELLNESS has created an individualized designer-based immunotherapy program that incorporates Dietary and Lifestyle interventions that help strengthen the innate and adaptive immune system. Come get in touch with the Fountain of youth. Here at WYMANWAY we reverse the aging process.

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Effecting Coaching Methods

Health Coaching

Personalized Program. Helping the individual age biologically and not chronologically. Daily Risk Exposure: 
All Cost Mortality.

Strength & Resistance Training Methods

Strong cardiovascular permeability. Strong insulin sensitivity. Proper Circadian pathway optimization.


Nutritional Guidance & Intuitive learning methods.

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